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Employment Opportunities

TSM offers employment opportunities at our corporate offices and at multiple job sites. We look forward to helping you expand and grow as a member of the TSM family.

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Internship Opportunities

By far the most popular and most common types of internships are corporate internships. This is because no matter where you live, from the smallest township to the largest city, corporations are a part of your everyday life.

Why You Should Choose TSM

TSM's corporate internships are desirable for a number of reasons. Not only do we offer diverse experiences and placements at all levels, but in most positions we pay our interns. Internships with private businesses can fit just about anyone's needs. In addition to being great for students looking to gain work experience, corporate internships are also appropriate for mid-career changers who might be looking to become up-to-date on some of the latest technology and trends in the office. This makes the pool of interns working in the corporate sector some of the most diverse in terms of age, background, and field of study. There are five important things to know about corporate internships:

  • Corporate Internships Are Generally Paid - However, What Kind Of Pay Can Vary From Job To Job, Corporation To Corporation
  • Virtually Every Corporation - Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, & More - Has an Internship Program or Accepts Intern Applications, Which Means That Your Local Walgreen's As Well As Microsoft Might Have an Opportunity for You
  • Corporate Internships Can Be As Much About Relationships As About the Work Itself, So Make Sure That You Make a Good Impression On Everyone You Work With, Not Just Your Boss or Internship Supervisor
  • Corporate Internships Aren't Just for Business Majors - Many Corporate Internships Can Help Prepare Interns for Human Service & Education Fields, Among Others
  • The Key To Being a Good Intern, Is Simply Putting Your Work First - In Addition To Being Asked To Perform Tasks That You've Probably Never Done Before, Corporations Have a Specific Culture That Also May Take Some Getting Used To

Endless Opportunities

At TSM, the opportunities are endless. We are currently looking for high-energy, creatively inclined Sales Representatives/Associates to help market hardware, software, and products and services to the Government and Prime Contractors at Alabama and Virginia offices.

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Retaining Talent

TSM's approach to attracting top talent and retain our work force is based on our 'Hire and Retain' Program developed and implemented by our Human Resources department. The application of the critical elements of this program have resulted in TSM enjoying less than 3% attrition rate in our staff over the past few years. We attract and retain our workforce by the combination of the following:

  • Competitive Salaries - TSM ensures competitive salaries with our compensation philosophy, which makes sure that our total compensation is competitive with comparable markets. We apply standard compensation practices among managers and teams.
  • Comprehensive Individual and Family Benefits - Our flexible benefits allow staff to choose from a variety of plans to meet their own needs and the needs of their families. Our family-friendly policies and programs help staff balance their personal and professional lives.
  • Employee Rewards Programs - Our employee rewards program is designed to recognize individual contributions to the firm and to our clients at a variety of levels.

Technological Environment

TSM serves many customers in the Government and private sector. Most of these projects are long-term and involve cutting edge technologies. The prospect of working for reputable client organizations on the latest technologies in a friendly work environment helps us attract and retain top-quality seasoned professionals who are technically strong.

Skill Development and Promotions

  • Competitive Salaries
  • Promotions From Within
  • Long-Term Career Development
  • Demonstrable History
  • Extensive Cross Training
  • Exceptional Professional Development
  • Educational Benefits
  • Retention Above Industry Average
  • Retirement & Savings Accounts
  • Certifications & Online Training